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March is Women’s History Month, and we’re pleased to share that earlier this year NATS held its first Women Lead: Discovering Your Own Path Forward course. Our own COO, Karen Hauck, and Director of Training, Rebecca Seibel, led a group of six women from the arboriculture industry through three days of instruction, sharing, self-reflection, and leadership development.

“Women Lead is a unique opportunity for women in a leadership role, whether professionally or personally, to share experience and wisdom with one another in an open, honest, encouraging environment,” says Karen.

“There is such a deep need to reframe the way women are treated when we have an opportunity to be in a leadership role,” says Rebecca. “We’re recognizing the accepted and inherent stereotypes, and how challenging it is to fight against these unspoken roles.”

“Women are treated differently in the work environment and knowing “it’s not just me.” and “I’m not the only one” helps,” adds Karen. “It’s helpful to learn how others dealt with similar situations and what empowered them to stand up.”

It’s sharing those common experiences that created an almost instantaneous bond among all of the participants and instructors.

“I was surprised by how quickly the group came together in a sense of familiarity, which speaks to the universal experience of women who are trying to be leaders,” says Rebecca of the women in the course, who are all in different stages of their businesses.

Karen agrees. “One of the things I picked up on within the first 20 minutes of the course starting was there was already a bond amongst the eight of us,” she says. “That’s pretty incredible, and it resonated through the three-day course. And the sharing hasn’t stopped, though the course ended.”

The women who participated in the course also agreed and shared some of what made the time spent in Women Lead such a valuable experience to them.

“Roxie’s [Rebecca’s] real life examples, perspectives and encouragement makes this course so valuable – she’s authentic, has a gift for bringing out the best in others, she challenges others in a healthy way, and keeps things in perspective,” says Jean M. “Her credibility from all of her years in the field makes this course unique. One could listen to hundreds of other leadership coaches or read books, or articles or watch YouTube, and I do some of that…but it only brings you so far.”

“Rebecca’s words and presence and thoughts are the ‘magic’ that bring this leadership class to another level and a greater depth,” she adds.

Jean also says that one of the biggest takeaways from Women Lead was knowing that others had gone through similar situations as she has and made it through; that built her confidence to know that she can do the same.

“Women Lead is good for anyone who’s at a plateau in their personal or professional development to learn in a safe, challenging course,” says Karen. “This is a very interactive course, and also extremely personal and introspective. You have to take a look at yourself and who you are to get the most value out of it.”

NATS held the first Women Lead course in January, but it won’t be the last. Join us for our next Women Lead: Discovering Your Path Forward beginning August 25th.

In the meantime, another upcoming women-led courses specifically designed for women is Women’s Chainsaw Safety and Cutting Techniques, scheduled for May 20 in Douglas, Massachusetts.

For more information on Women Lead or any of NATS’ other women-led courses specifically designed for women, please contact us.

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