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For a different perspective on NATS and the courses we offer, we asked our clients to tell us what they think about their experiences. Here, a few testimonials from recent OSHA 30  and Empower the Educator courses.

Broadened My Horizons

NATS allowed me to participate in a course that is not directly related to the vast majority of the tree care my company performs. This broadened my horizons greatly and even convinced me to seek out more training in the utility sector because of the ample opportunities available. The instructors are knowledgeable, easy to understand, and patient. Typically, I’m not one for online learning; however, NATS changed my thinking on that, too. The education I received could easily have been worth two to three times the course fee! I will be taking many NATS courses in the future! ~Andrew B., OSHA-30


I enrolled in this course because I have witnessed a few instructors at various conferences and even became friends with one or two. They inspired me to do better and be better at my job. The energy, enthusiasm and empathy was contagious. This was the first NATS course I have attended and it didn’t disappoint; in fact it exceeded my expectations. There are also lots of facets that role into daily life and the art of being better humans. This is all a recipe for success. Thanks to the instructors for imparting their knowledge in such an easy, enlightening and fun way. ~Simon N., Empower the Educator 

Wealth of Information

This is a broadly inclusive course that mixes general and specific topics, and includes a wealth of reliable handouts from public and private sources. I highly recommend this course for business owners, safety managers and team leaders in the tree service industry. ~ Dennis Y., OSHA-30 

Better Self Understanding

The Empower The Educator course was amazing. It forced me to reflect inward and better understand myself. It was not what I was expecting at all, it was awesome! The NATS team was great, and so were the other participants. They all made me feel included, they were all very encouraging, kind and professional. I really can’t give specifics on just how great the course was because it blew my mind. Thanks NATS – your folks are AWESOME! ~Chandler, Empower the Educator

Increased Knowledge

I learned a lot of new things in this class and a lot that added to the knowledge that I already had. I will be able to bring more safety to day-to-day operations at my job and enhance the safety culture that already exists. ~Emily H., OSHA-30

Built with Passion

This is a great program built by amazing people with passion and love for what they do. I would take this course all over again. ~Brian G., Empower the Educator

Easy to Learn

NATS put on a great online OSHA 30 course. The instructor made it very easy to learn and kept everyone’s attention the whole time. It was a great course and I’m looking forward to the next NATS course. ~Nicholas H., OSHA-30

At Ease

Great course to develop a better understanding of adult learning techniques. The instructors put you at ease and make your participation a welcomed experience. ~Earl B., Empower the Educator

If you would like to learn more about NATS’ courses and how they can benefit you professionally, please visit our website for an overview of our courses, or contact sales@natstraining.com.

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