Upcoming Open Enrollment

Tree Industry & Logging Trauma Training (TILTT)–Provides the tools and knowledge necessary for tree care and logging operation employees to identify and respond to emergency and trauma situations while working in the field.

Aerial Rescue & Emergency Response–Designed to explain and demonstrate work positioning and rescue techniques used among arborists and firefighters while responding to emergency situations.

SRT–Designed to educate participants about safety requirements as they pertain to working in trees and to train participants in climbing techniques.

Vitality–Teaching you how to improve and maintain your health to continue to work comfortably in this demanding industry for years to come.

Technical Rigging–Provides participants a better understanding of current research on arboricultural rigging and the tools used to build safe and efficient rigging systems.

Technical Tree Climbing and Moving Rope Systems (MRS)Provides participants training in the use of specialized equipment and techniques employed in MRS; advantages and limitations of utilizing this technique; and procedures for maintaining and following safe work practices.

 Technical Tree Climbing & Moving Rope Systems
July 18-19, 2017
Sterling, 26 Morin Street, Biddeford, ME 04005 


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