Tips for Making the Most of the Holiday Season

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The holiday season has begun, and for a lot of us it seems time is flying by and the end of the year will be here before we know it. It’s easy to get caught up in the seasonal festivities while at the same time maintaining our professional and familial obligations. And, if we’re honest, it can all take its toll on our bodies and minds.

We checked in with NATS Health and Wellness Director Dr. Amanda Carpenter, DPT, for some tips on how to make the most of the holiday season while making sure to take care of ourselves.

“During the holiday season, focus on engaging in self-care and positive social interactions,” suggests Amanda.

Here are just a few of her tips to make the most of the holiday season:

Sweet Treats
It seems at this time of year, sweet treats are everything, from gifts of cookies and candies to nibbles at parties and on buffets. Help yourself by limiting your sugar intake; your body will thank you for your self-control.

Family Time
Spending time with family can be fun-filled and rewarding. For some, however, it can be a bit stressful and emotional. It’s ok to take care of you and put yourself first in these situations by avoiding getting caught up in situations that trigger negative responses.

Slow Down
Rushing around to find the “perfect” gift can take its toll. Instead, try and slow down and appreciate the season. Take some time to remember that at the end of the day, material items are cast aside, but your memories stay with you.

Ground Yourself
No, you’re not in trouble! Take a moment every so often this holiday season to ground yourself by doing some coherent breathing. Sit still and breathe in for three counts, out for three counts. Amanda says that this type of breathing quickly brings your heart rate down.

“Grounding yourself around the holidays helps to avoid being depleted and exhausted,” she says.

Amanda also suggests using thoughts of gratitude and appreciation to recharge your internal battery. One way to do this is by trying to re-experience the feeling you have for someone you love, a pet, a special place, or an accomplishment, or focus on a feeling of calm or ease.

From our NATS family to yours, we wish you a safe, happy holiday season.


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