The Safety Skills Arena Is Back At TCIA Expo

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Who’s ready for TCIA EXPO 2021 in Indianapolis, Indiana? The EXPO, which will be held November 4 – 6, is considered the world’s largest tree care industry conference and trade show.

“We’re excited to come back to Expo and to host the Safety Skills Arena again this year,” said Karen Hauck, NATS Chief Operating Officer. “There’s a lot of buzz around the EXPO and the Skills Arena, and we can’t wait to see this year’s teams compete.”

The three skills that will be put to the test again this year are technical chainsaw use, technical tree climbing, and arborist technical rigging, and Karen said that the program has been revised and updated from past years, and is “still a very fun experience.”

Additionally, the Safety Skills Arena will be presented in a COVID-safe environment. Safety precautions that will be in place in the Skills Arena include sanitizing PPE between each use, and NATS is planning to provide each participant with a pair of gloves and eye protection.

“As a safety training company, safety is our primary focus,” said Karen. “This year, we’re incorporating health and safety around the pandemic to ensure everyone stays safe in the Skills Arena while at the same time, offering an exciting learning opportunity.

“Participants will be protected and safe,” she emphasized.

To participate in the Skills Arena, teams of three or four are invited to sign up for specific challenges each morning on the trade show floor; challenges are first-come, first-served, and space is limited. Each one-and-a-half-hour session will include dynamic and engaging instruction, as well as demonstration by NATS trainers of industry best practice of the skills.

There’s more than just a good time in store for participants. During the challenges, participants will perform hands-on demonstration of their knowledge of the skill at hand, as well as safe work practices. NATS trainers will have a keen eye on performance, assessing proper application of safe work practices and techniques, with point deductions and time added to the total score if there are any safety violations. (The skills challenges are not designed to measure speed, but safe and efficient application of technique and to gain proficiency in important industry skills.)

“Not only are we providing training and education in these three domains, but each challenge mimics a job site to demonstrate safe work zones, as well as encourages team work,” explained Karen.

A total of four to six teams can compete in each session, and the teams with the safest and most proficient performance will win terrific prize packages from our Safety Alliance Partners.

Register today and join us in the Safety Skills Arena at TCIA Expo 2021. We’ll see you in Indianapolis!


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