Chainsaw Training Course taught by Phillip Kelley for Lewis Tree Service in Maryland——May 29, 2015

Hi buddy, wanted to take just a quick minute to tell you that you truly have no idea how many lives you have affected in these las 4-days. I really believe with all my heart Phil you saved someone’s life in these classes and for that I will forever be grateful you and never and I mean never forget who Phillip Kelley is and what he did for me and Lewis Tree Service, my only regret is that all my 212 men didn’t get to spend time with such a special man. Thank you again my friend and I will cherish this training and take it to the field.

Chainsaw Train the Trainer interview with Rob Calley—–July 20, 2015


Chainsaw Safety Course taught by Travis Morales for the City of Suwanee—–August 23, 2015

The City Of Suwanee Team in the Public Works Department really enjoyed the hands on training provided by your company. The instructor was very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this class to anybody that works with chainsaws.I Already have people asking about another class in the future.
Phil English
City Of Suwanee

Advanced Rigging & SRT Climbing Courses taught by Phillip Kelley for the City of Tuscaloosa—–September 9, 2015

I wanted to thank you again for introducing us to new technology.  You have helped us so much in the past 3 years.  The course, Advanced Rigging & SRT Climbing, greatly benefited our employees of varying levels of experience.  Through this class, each employee learned new skills which will increase their abilities and confidence as tree-cutters.  Phillip Kelley was an excellent instructor as usual and taught us so much.  The way he teaches is easily understood and he also provides a lot of hands-on training.  With outstanding customer service, competitive pricing and customized training that best fits our own unique needs, we look forward to training with you and your staff again in the future. Thanks, The City of Tuscaloosa, Shannon Corbell, Tree Maintenance Supervisor

Chainsaw & Tree Felling Course taught by Tony Tresselt for the PA Forest District—–September 2015

Hello, I just wanted to give a HUGE shout out for Tony. I just finished day 2 of the training and it was amazing. Chainsaws are probably one of the biggest hazards I deal with on a weekly basis, and I think he has helped me make life safer and easier on alot of his teaching….Thanks again and I will be looking forward to my day 3/4 training!!!                                                          Eric

Chainsaw & Tree Felling Class taught by Phillip Kelley for the Michigan Green Industry Association—–October 29, 2015

As Education Coordinator for the Michigan Green Industry Association, I was very impressed with the Chainsaw Safety & Tree Felling class that Phillip Kelley provided for our industry. Phillip was an awesome instructor, very knowledgeable and professional, receiving excellent reviews from all the attendees! We look forward to working with Phillip and North American Training Solutions in the future!          Silvia Eichen

Southern Chapter talk by Phillip Kelley—–February 2017

To say I appreciate North American Training Solutions is an understatement. After my son and I received some training, we both agreed that we needed to implement what we learned in our everyday work. The knowledge we gained saved us from many accidents that would have happened during our days of ‘tree luck’ and helped us become confident in knowing what we are doing.

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