Takeaways From NATS’ First Women’s Chainsaw Course

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Over two days in late-June, fifteen women came together in Olympia, Washington to be a part of NATS’ first Women’s Chainsaw Course. We had terrific interest leading up to the course and added a second instructor to accommodate a larger class size.

Emily Roberts (EmRo) and Rebecca Seibel led the group through the two-day course that followed the NATS Chainsaw Safety and Cutting Techniques curriculum, and was open to all skill levels.

Feedback from the course has been quite positive, from statements that EmRo and Rebecca’s leadership of the course was “all-around excellent, thorough, thoughtful, patient, detail-oriented and supportive,” and “These ladies really know their stuff! They were so approachable and made a safe and comfortable space for us to learn in.”

When asked why she signed up for the course, Mariah M. from Oklahoma says that she finds it difficult to learn proper techniques and skills safely and with confidence, and that she’s has had trainings with NATS in the past and recognizes “the value in the experience an attention to detail that your instructors have.”

Mariah, who is hoping to attain her ISA Board Certified Master Arborist designation this year, has been in arboriculture for several years. The first women-only class she attended was the Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop in Texas a few years ago.

“It had a similar feel as this NATS Women’s Chainsaw Course: a safe space to ask and have questions answered, and share knowledge without the pressure of needing to seem ‘as tough as the guys,’” she says. “Rebecca and EmRo are wonderfully knowledgeable, patient, kind, and exceptionally good communicators.

“Classes like this allow for genuine, in-depth learning and practice,” Mariah continues. “When women can lay down the mask of machismo that a lot of us have to carry, it makes the process of acquiring new skills and knowledge possible/easier.”

Mariah expresses thanks to NATS for “taking a chance on this course. It is much needed and I sincerely hope that NATS continues to be at the forefront of arboriculture training by providing this and other courses (tree felling, aerial chainsaw use, etc.) for the women in this industry.”

Our next women-focused course is Women Lead – Discovering YOUR Path Forward in August. This three-day course will be held virtually, and will teach you strategies and techniques that will bring your leadership skills to the next level. We believe that some of the key aspects to strong leadership include communication, conflict resolution, self-confidence, equality and honoring every viewpoint. NATS COO Karen Hauck and Lead Instructor Rebecca Seibel will lead the course and inspire participants to think differently while drawing from all learning styles to identify, enhance, and hone their best personal skillsets in all aspects of their lives.

For more information about Women Lead – Discovering YOUR Path Forward, send us an email, or register today!

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