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In addition to providing in-person and virtual safety courses to keep arborists and other professionals who work at height safe, over the past year or so NATS introduced two new courses to help these same professionals take charge of their careers: Empower the Educator and Women Lead.

Empower the Educator

Empower the Educator is a refined version of Train the Trainer, for which our instructors took the best parts of the original course and developed a new way to present them in a personal and transformational program.

Over the course of the four-day program, facilitators guide and recognize attendees’ differing perspectives with a continued focus on safety. The program is intended to deepen our understanding of ourselves, both personally and professionally, with key takeaways of self-discovery and personal transformation.

Through Empower the Educator you will learn how to inspire people to think differently, develop emotional intelligence, improve personal and group resiliency, and encourage others to enjoy learning, learn faster, remember more, and be inspired to take action.

“I think the introspection and reflection part of it really helps you build yourself up and be able to be an educator or trainer,” says Megan Nyland, Project Manager – Orientation, Training, & Education with Davey Resource Group, a past Empower the Educator participant. “That certainly can be applied to personal life as well.”

NATS’ next Empower the Educator Course begins August 1, with subsequent dates August 3, 8, and 10. Online registration is open.

Women Lead

Women Lead was developed to teach women strategies and techniques to bring leadership skills to the next level. Introduced last year, the course was created to help women discover their paths to improving how they lead. COO Karen Hauck and Director of Training Rebecca Seibel lead the course.

“There is such a deep need to reframe the way women are treated when we have an opportunity to be in a leadership role,” says Rebecca. “We’re recognizing the accepted and inherent stereotypes, and how challenging it is to fight against these unspoken roles.”

“As leaders, we inspire others to be the best version of themselves, whether in a professional environment or in their own inner personal circle,” adds Karen. “Through this course, we empower women to lead with integrity, lead with impact, and lead with heart.”

The course focuses on key aspects of strong leadership, including communication, conflict resolution, self-confidence, equality, and honoring every viewpoint. And it’s effective. Jean M., who has taken Women Lead, shares her thoughts. “Roxie’s (Rebecca’s) real life examples, perspectives and encouragement makes this course so valuable – she’s authentic, has a gift for bringing out the best in others, she challenges others in a healthy way, and keeps things in perspective,” she says. “Rebecca’s words and presence and thoughts are the ‘magic’ that bring this leadership class to another level and a greater depth.”

Women Lead is a virtual course, and Rebecca sees positives in the course delivery.

“It’s an intimate and safe space to learn and grow, but it’s online and so the space is one’s own space; we simply cultivate the growth potential for the hours of the course,” she says.

“However, the real growth takes place after the computer is shut down, and that is the nature of the delivery that has been a pleasant surprise to me,” adds Rebecca. “That we can create and protect a safe place for stretching and growth, honest conversations and earnest desire for improvements, virtually and within a structure of multi-day gatherings.”

For more information on Empower the Educator or Women Lead, or any of NATS’ courses, please contact us.

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