Why We Do What We Do

At NATS we empower people to live and work safely, to create positive impact, and to be the best version of themselves by inspiring a culture of safety through leadership, sustainability, and integrity.

How We Do What We Do

We do this by focusing on Leading Indicators and applying principles of Root Cause Analysis in order to Get to the Heart of Safety.

What We Do

NATS uses scientifically-validated technology and techniques to identify, quantify, and support with data what we believe are the key performance indicators (KPI’s) of safety and their effects on human performance. By using analytics to support each situation with data, we believe the safety KPI’s of worker health & wellness, worker competency, and work-site hazards are the foundational elements of safety on the job.


Health, Wellness, and Resiliency Training to Improve Personal and Professional Safety

Creating a safe work environment extends beyond providing skills-based safety training; it requires awareness of worker health. The health and lifestyle practices of a worker can influence the risk of a traumatic injury and the outcome should an injury occur.  As a national safety company, we recognize safety expands beyond the physical to include mental, emotional and psychological safety and well-being.  We provide worker and crew health assessments and training for our clients to build a more resilient workforce while reducing injuries and increasing efficiency among their crews.

Learn more about our Health and Wellness programs including The Resilience Advantage™ to improve your personal and professional safety.