Power Utility



Utility arboriculture and vegetation management is the largest sector of the arboriculture industry and requires specialty skills to safely perform job tasks in proximity to electrical conductors and hardware. North American Training Solutions (NATS) is the only nationally recognized training organization utilizing OSHA Authorized Outreach trainers and performing hands-on training and hands-on competency evaluations which assess and empower workers to perform their job duties to the highest of their abilities.

We work alongside investor-owned utilities, co-ops, and contractors to provide safety education to those working in proximity to overhead and underground electric utility lines. Through our extensive experience training and educating utility arborists and vegetation management workers, we have developed best in class safety curriculums, practices and procedures purposefully designed for those working in proximity to electric utility infrastructure and to ensure safe and reliable power delivery.



Applicable Services


 Vegetation Management Safety

Clients engage our vegetation management safety professionals to perform a variety of services including in-field safety observations, onboarding, policy and procedure drafting and review, root cause analysis, competency assessments, tailboard training, and on-the-job training. Our detailed knowledge of industry standards, combined with real world experience of what it takes to do the work, gives us a unique perspective and enables us to communicate safe work practices.

Competency Assessments 

Our industry-leading competency assessments, specifically built off of the federal OSHA regulations, industry consensus standards such as ANSI Z133, and industry best practices, are evaluations of the work procedures that the workers are responsible for. While others in the industry are simply computer-based assessments, we assess whether they can do the physical task through hands-on assessments. Our competency assessments provide clients with analytics detailing the skills throughout