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In addition to our exceptional trainers and passionate leadership team, NATS’ Safety Alliance Partners (SAP) are vital in helping us fulfill our mission and moving our industry forward. Through these meaningful partnerships, together we connect people with knowledge and skills to create and sustain positive, long-lasting improvements throughout the industries we serve and beyond.

How do we do that?

Collaborating with our SAP allies, we instill the values of safety, sustainability and service through training, consulting, and health and wellness, impacting the people and industries we serve. That impact is far-reaching, too. Over the past twelve months, NATS has conducted 290 training events (for a total of 930 training days) to 47,472 clients across the country.

“We see our relationships with our SAP as more than sponsors,” explains Karen Hauck, marketing and partner relations director for NATS. “Rather, they are true partnerships which we nurture throughout the year to ensure we are appropriately representing one another, and are aligned with our focus to increase safety and well-being among our clients and customers alike. We achieve this through open communication, strategic planning, and collaboration.

Our partners provide invaluable support in all we do, including providing state of the art gear and equipment for use during our training events. Serving as ambassadors for our partners, we are able to provide first-hand learning experiences to potential customers before they commit to purchasing a product.  This is especially important when our clients are personally introduced to a product they have only seen online or within a catalog.

“We’re honored to be a Safety Alliance Partner with North American Training Solutions (NATS)”, says Tom Vasiliauskas, Senior Director of Marketing and Commerce for Vertical Supply Group. “Sherrilltree’s goal is to continually promote consumer education. NATS’ expert instructors offer practical and ‘real-life’ training to our customer so our customer will perform their job safely, all within a relaxing environment.”

Special thanks to our Canopy SAP, Buckingham Manufacturing, Husqvarna and Tracked Lifts; our Trunk SAP, Haix, Sherrill Tree, Teufelberger and Vermeer; and our Root SAP, Arborwear, Clogger, DMM, PaperTrail and TreeMagineers.

For more information on our SAP program and to learn how you can become involved, please email Karen Hauck, marketing and partner relations director, or call (404) 859-8672.

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