Looking Back at 2022 — and Forward to 2023

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The magic of the holiday season is upon us. Before we take time to gather and celebrate with loved ones, we’re taking a look back at 2022, and ahead to 2023 and what’s in store for NATS.

We have a lot to be proud of and at the forefront are our team members, partners, and clients who continue to inspire and move us forward as an organization. Working together, we fulfill our mission to empower our colleagues with the knowledge and resources they need to perform their jobs and return safely home at the end of every day.

To that end, over the past year:

  • we held 147 in-person training programs
  • we held virtual training programs
  • we worked with nearly 4,900 professionals to train and assess defined skill sets; including more than 3,750 training attendees and over 1,070 individuals assessed
  • we collaborated with 76 clients for private trainings and 23 contractors  (99 companies total) to move the needle forward in regards to safety in the workplace and on job sites


  • we offered our first Women Lead: Discovery Your Path Forward, a three-day program for the women in our industry, filled with instruction, sharing, self-reflection and leadership development.
  • we introduced the NATS Skills Yard™️ and NATS SafeTree™️(pat. pending), two innovative and industry-leading tools that further our mission.
  • we took our Safety Skills Arena to the to the Trees & Utilities conference in Milwaukee and TCI EXPO ’22 in Charlotte.

The future looks bright as we look ahead towards 2023. We have a lot of exiting things on the horizon, and will be sure to share with you as we finalize them. Be sure to keep an eye out here on the blog, as well as Take 5 when it arrives in your inbox. And make sure you’re following us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube), too!


Here’s to a healthy, happy and safe holiday season, and to all that 2023 has in store for all of us, professionally and personally!













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