Introducing the NATS Skills Yard and SafeTree

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We are pleased to announce that our innovative and industry-leading NATS Skills YardTM and SafeTreeTM (pat. pending) will be showcased next week at the Trees & Utilities conference in Milwaukee. The Skills YardTM and SafeTreeTM (pat. pending), developed over the past several years and debuted in the summer of 2021, furthers NATS’ mission to empower people to live and work safely, while upholding our commitment to reduce our environmental impact.

NATS Skills YardTM

The Skills YardTM is an outdoor learning lab that can be set up almost anywhere in the world our clients are, with minimal impact on the environment. The Skills YardTM simulates real-life worksite conditions to provide a safe and consistent hands-on setting for professionals to learn and demonstrate their skills.


The main component of the Skills YardTM is the SafeTreeTM (pat. pending), an engineered tree that serves as an environmentally friendly solution to training and assessing skills and competencies of utility tree works, arborists, and logging and forestry professionals time and again.

The SafeTreeTM (pat. pending) is built using a foundation, main pole or beam (ANSI Class 1 – ANSI Class 3 certified), section connections, and limb connections. The SafeTreeTM (pat. pending) can be configured to meet clients’ needs in regards to scope of work, training site and size, local environmental conditions, and three training and assessment topics: Aerial Work, Felling Work, or Limbing/Bucking Work.

In addition to being configured for the trainings and assessments noted above, the SafeTreeTM (pat. pending) can be configured in a variety of tree architectures, geometric shapes and sizes, materials and wood species to mimic real worksite environments and to meet clients’ needs.

Not only does the SafeTreeTM (pat. pending) reduce environmental impact by using sustainably sourced and standardized engineered wood components for all wooden parts, but the simulated worksite conditions of the Skills Yard decrease workers’ risk exposure to actual worksite hazards while they learn.

Skills Arena

We are also excited to bring the NATS’ Skills Arena to the Trees & Utilities conference this year. Scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during the conference, each Skills Arena session includes instruction, demonstration and hands-on experience for participants and observers, all under the eye of the NATS safety team. Teams of four will compete in one of two skill challenges: utility line clearance cutting operations and utility line clearance rigging operations. The teams with the safest and most proficient performance earn both bragging rights and a prize package of gear and equipment from NATS’ Safety Alliance Partners.

We look forward to introducing NATS’ Skills YardTM and SafeTreeTM (pat. pending) to you in person in Milwaukee on September 20-22, and watching you compete in the Skills Arena!

To learn more about the Skills YardTM and SafeTreeTM (pat. pending) and how these innovative and industry-leading tools can benefit your business, email, or call 888-652-9116.

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