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When COVID-19 set in, the NATS leadership team began brainstorming about how best to continue to serve our clients efficiently and cost-effectively, knowing that the industries we serve would likely be impacted financially.

“We started thinking of how we could help our clients in that regard,” said NATS Sales Director Brian Luzier. “Instead of developing a payment plan based on a single-day training, we looked at expanding so that we can help our clients throughout the year.”

As a result of those conversations, and in an effort to continue to support our clients and their businesses, we are pleased to introduce NATS CARES, an innovative, industry-leading subscription-based training solution to enhance the safety and well-being of our clients over the course of a year.


C – consulting and compliance
A – audits/assessments
R – resilience
E – education and training
S – site safety


“The initial thought behind NATS CARES was that some clients needed a payment plan because of COVID-19 and its financial impacts,” explained Brian. “Through NATS CARES, we can continue to help guide our clients’ safety personnel, and safety policies and procedures that they’ve developed through the years, and incorporate the cost of the in-person training(s)  they traditionally have.

“We wanted to give clients a way to take their annual training safety dollars and divide that by 12 to come up with a consistent monthly payment,” he continued. “Clients who are working on budgets for the upcoming fiscal year can call and have next year’s pricing for planning purposes. It helps them realize what their training budget will be and have it locked in.”

NATS CARES offers flexibility to meet clients’ myriad budgets and training needs through in-person and virtual programs with one goal in mind: to build a culture of safety within their organizations so that at the end of every day, everyone returns home safely to their families and friends.

Available in three different tiers, services across all levels include customized in-person training; an EHAT online course; individual and organizational performance assessments; safety auditing and consulting; and prescriptive competency assessments.

Another benefit of NATS CARES are tailgate safety meetings, which are held monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly, depending on the tier level selected. Held virtually, tailgates are designed to keep safety in the forefront as your crew(s) begin their day on the job site, and are tailored to your crews’ needs in real time, so any issues or questions that arise are addressed in a timely manner.

In addition to providing a snapshot for the year that allows clients to better plan and manage their budgets, NATS CARES offers the flexibility to determine which courses are best for their teams to make the most of their investments of time and resources. The combination of in-person training and digital learning will increase your team’s safety toolkit, and you will gain a better understanding of their individual perspectives of your organization, which will increase morale.

Once a client has signed onto the NATS CARES program, NATS consultants work with them throughout the year to determine which trainings will be the most beneficial for their team.

“Solutions is part of our name, and we want to be that solution for our customers and make sure we’re providing what they need,” says Brian. “Together with our client, we have an idea of what may be needed at the first of the year, and then check in and make adjustments as necessary.”

An added benefit of the NATS CARES program is discounts off of our virtual/online courses, and in-person Empower the Educator trainings. Discount percentages vary by tier level, from 10% to 25% per attendee.

“NATS CARES is industry-leading; there’s no one else doing this. The idea came from how can we help our customers,” says Brian. “We wanted to make sure that our clients’ safety concerns and trainings are not sidetracked because they can’t afford the one-time payment right now. Smaller monthly payments are easier to budget, and we can still get them the trainings that they need so they can make sure safety remains a top priority.”

To learn more about NATS CARES and how it can work for you, please contact Brian Luzier:, or (717) 621-8603.

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