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One of the ways NATS delivers on our mission to empower people to live and work safely, to create positive impact, and to be the best version of themselves by inspiring a culture of safety through leadership, sustainability, and integrity is by customizing trainings to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Private trainings are not new to NATS, and in fact have been an integral part of the business since its inception. By opting for private trainings, our clients can maximize their training budgets by having NATS instructors go to their employees at their locations and on their terms. Just as with our open enrollment courses, private trainings are delivered on a personal level, with an instructor-to-student ratio of 1:12. What’s more, all private trainings begin with needs assessments so that NATS instructors can customize their curriculums to best suit attendees’ knowledge bases and skill levels.

“A big part of private trainings is that they are customized,” says NATS Senior Director of Sales and Business Development Brian Luzier. “A lot of people come to us with what they think are their needs, and oftentimes it’s not what they need. Our instructors can recognize that and adjust accordingly.”

Brian adds that private trainings are offered across all industries that NATS works with, including arborists, power utilities, forestry, oil and gas, insurance, public safety, and governments and municipalities.

“The biggest benefits of NATS’ private trainings is that we come to you,” he says. “Our private training clients don’t have the added expense of sending people across the country, or wherever courses may be offered. We do it right there, and sometimes with their equipment, which makes them more comfortable.”

There are even more benefits to in-person private trainings, which Brian says gives attendees the chance to fine tune their skills.

“NATS instructors follow a tell me—show me—watch me technique, and coach on what they’re seeing,” he explains. “The instructors provide real-time coaching as attendees are performing tasks or skills; that coaching is coming from subject matter experts in our instructors.

“The passion the instructors have to spread the ripple of safety everywhere makes trainings fun and engaging,” Brian adds. What’s more, Private trainings give attendees the chance to interact with nature; they get people outside and learning in a natural environment.

Of the courses that NATS offers, Brian says that the top three he sees requested for private trainings are chainsaw safety and cutting techniques, aerial rescue and electrical hazard awareness training, with an increased interest in line clearance training. All of the courses offered by NATS are available as private trainings, too.

When asked about repeat clients, Brian says they’re common. “Most of our clients come back a couple of times a year, or at least once a year, for training on a different topic.”

In addition to the benefit of learning in their own backyards, private trainings attendees can receive ISA and CTSP continuing education units (CEUS) for completed trainings.

For more information about how NATS can work with you to customize our private trainings, or to book a private training, please contact Brian.

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