Arborist Trauma Training


Course Description

The Arborist Trauma Training course is a comprehensive course for trauma treatment in a field setting for common tree/logging industry traumatic injuries. Topics include basic principles of emergency preparedness/response, hazard/danger body systems (circulatory, respiratory, nervous), treatment for massive hemorrhage/uncontrolled bleeding, recognition/treatment of the three types of shock (volume, vascular, cardiogenic), identification/stabilization of cervical spine and closed head injuries in a field setting, identification/treatment of musculoskeletal injuries (fractures, dislocations, sprains, strains), identification/treatment of soft tissue injuries and burns, environmental emergencies (hypo and hyperthermia/frostbite/ hyponatremia), and identification/treatment of medical emergencies (asthma/anaphylaxis/ diabetes). The course includes practical field exercises in the use and application of compression bandages (Blood Stopper, Israeli, and H-Bandage) and tourniquets (CAT and SWAT-T), administration of epinephrine, CPR/rescue breathing in an isolated setting, spine immobilization, splints/joint stabilization, treatment of environmental emergencies in an isolated setting, field treatment of medical emergencies (asthma/anaphylaxis/ diabetes), and field transport methods. In addition, field expedient methods for fabricating tourniquets/bandages, splints, spinal immobilization, and patient transport from materials present on tree/logging industry worksites are described, demonstrated, and practiced. Participants will engage in numerous field based scenarios in the treatment and transport of patients with common tree/logging industry traumatic injuries and conditions.

Applicable Standards

This course meets the ANSI/ASSE Z490 Criteria for Accepted Practices in Safety, Health, and Environmental Training as well as OSHA 1910.1030, 1910.151, and 1910.266.



ISA and CTSP Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available for these trainings



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