Serve. Share. Support.


Our mission -serve, share, and support- is the core of who we are as individual team members, as a company, and as an industry partner. By engaging on an individual level, we serve the needs of our clients. Through our trainings and educational programs, we share our knowledge, resources, and tools to increase safety and efficiency in the workplace. By collaborating with our partners, we make an impact by raising awareness and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

We empower others with the resources needed to safely perform their jobs so at the end of the day, everyone returns safely home.


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Our Root Values

Our root values guide us in every decision and action we make. These are values that are never to be compromised, and serve as our moral beacons as we navigate the road through the forest of life and work.



We will always practice safety and believe how you do anything is how you do everything.


We will always trust ourselves and others by respecting boundaries set by ourselves and others; being reliable and accountable in our words and our actions; holding one another in confidence; practicing integrity; maintaining a non-judgmental response; and being generous in our words, intentions, and behaviors.

Positive Intention

We will do all things with positive intention by assuming the best intentions of others; the best performance of ourselves; and the best possible outcome in any situation.



We will respect ourselves, our teammates, and our clients.


We will ask for and provide appropriate help to our team, our partners, and our clients.



NATS draws from a team of more than 65 experienced safety professionals geographically distributed across the country who together, have a combined 600+ years of experience as professional arborists, foresters, fire fighters, emergency medical providers, instructors and administrators. Many of our team members lend their experience and expertise in the development and guidance of standards for OSHA, ANSI, ASTM and the National Safety Council in the respective industries we serve.