Serve. Share. Support.


Our mission -serve, share, and support- is the core of who we are as individual team members, as a company, and as an industry partner. By engaging on an individual level, we serve the needs of our clients. Through our trainings and educational programs, we share our knowledge, resources, and tools to increase safety and efficiency in the workplace. By collaborating with our partners, we make an impact by raising awareness and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

We empower others with the resources needed to safely perform their jobs so at the end of the day, everyone returns safely home.


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We draw from a team of more than 40 experienced instructors from across the country who together, have a combined 500+ years of experience as professional arborists, foresters, loggers, fire fighters, emergency medical providers, safety professionals, and instructors. All team members are extensively trained, qualified, and must demonstrate proficiency in the subject matter in which they are providing training-meaning they not only talk the talk, but they walk the walk.


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